Nicola: Sick dreams suckMature

Nicola didn't like the this guy at allthe smile, and his over friendlienes. Everyone gets on the helicopter , and Nicola lags behind hesitantly ,wondering why he never seems to like any of the headmasters? Nicola strapped himself beside Carmen.

" What this school like?" She asks.

" Well for me its a place, where I keep messing things up. Its really hard to describe now though its changed you see last year Gerda blew it up." Nicola explains.

" Oh." Was the only audible response Nicola could hear as the helicopter blades began to hit a deathening sound.

Nicola didn't even  try to keep the conversation going because of the noise, and also because his fever was kicking up again. A few minutes later he succumbs to a feverish dream.

It was him on a battleship forwhat ever reason he was the commander, and everyone stood what felt to him fifty feet taller. Nicol walked up to the window , and saw billions of warships shooting variouse numbers at him. Yes as in sevens , and fours.Nicloa understood the only way to win was to get a number the size of a billion but if he did he would feel sicker. Things change though as a flaming monster climbs aboard his boat and the a odd shaped sorta half merged with a triangle and a sqaure covers the monster , and everything explodes.

Nicola awakes from his dream completly sweat covered and burning up, he tries to hold back his stomach fluids but only makes it worse as it splatters all over the floor.

" Gross Nicola, you could have warned us." Someone comments.

Nicola ignores the comment tries to hold still but the way the helicopter was flying through the sky was making things worse. Carmen who sat beside him was trying to stay away from the sweating, feverish Nicola.Nico felt horrible for ever having sat beside Carmen now becaus now he was sure any chance of being friends was crushed.

" I need a thermonmeter." He gasps. 

He felt cold but yet he was steaming inside the helicopter he was making the the moisture in the air turn to steam.  Carmen grabs a medical bag , and quickly hands him a disposable thermonmeter. Only in a few short moments it shows a reading of 104.

" You need a hospital." Carmen remarks , handing him acetemophin 

"Or a blanket would be nice." Nicola say shivering , and takes the simple headache medicine dry," I hope we get there soon." Nicola mumbles thinking that symbol may have importance.

The End

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