Be CarefulMature

Dilyla bared her teeth. She walked to stand next to Finlay then projected a thought into his mind.

Be Careful something about this guy aint right.

Finlay looks at her and she mouths 'No thoughts'. Not one, its not that he has a mind shield it's as if his mind is completly blank or somewhere else.

Finlays eyes goes wide and he's about to speak when Darian comes over.

"Whats your thoughts on the headmaster then?" he asks.

"Trouble" Dilyla says shortly then heads for the helicopter. She at least know he's not lying after years of studying stuff like this.

"Where will be heading?" She asks heading for the cockpit with the headmaster.

"Don't know.... a hotel somewhere. How about you fly?" he says gesturing the controls and smiling slightly.

Dilyla shrugs then jumps into the pilot seat. She turns and shouts back. "Everyone buckle up"

She flicks a few switches and waits for the headmaster to buckle him self in the seat next to her. Then looking back checking everyone is ready she pulls up the controls.

The blades spin and they begin to head up. "Marvolous" the headmaster laughs. "I read your file but see someone of 16 years know so much in a file, I couldn't believe it. Now I see its true"

Dilyla doesn't answer she continues consentrating on getting them up into the air heading for light of a city close by.

The End

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