Relief... Right?Mature


Gerda looks down at her hand, they look normal, everyone else is panicing about something and... she looks at her hair, oh. The red tinge which is usually there isn't. It's just... brown.

Great, my hair is now average... Wait one clock tickin' minute, does that mean that my powers don't work? That's good... Right? I mean they were a pain in the backside...

Although she thinks this, she feels a gauping whole of emptiness inside. Dilyla calls a helicopter, but Gerda is too procupied with the weird feeling in her stomach. Her arms wrap around it, squeezing in, trying to stop the fast coming pain.

Iris is with the others, unaware of her younger sister. A man's voice makes her look up in fear. "Hello children, fancy running into you, here." Gerda looks up to see the familar cheshire cat grin.

"Oh great," she mutters, scowling at him, "Now I'm gunna vomit."

His face flashes as he walks to her, he gets too close though. And guess what happens to his nice and shiny shoes?

The End

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