Cadell: Who The...?Mature

Cadell rubbed his bruised forehead, muttering irritably to himself under his breath as he watched the pilot approach, unblinking dark eyes fixed on him like a pair of oak-coloured searchlights. He had no idea who their savior was, and frankly he didn't like the idea of being entirely at someone else's mercy.

Taking a few steps back, Cadell planted himself firmly behind Finlay, watching the strange man advance out of the shadows and flexing his fingers, hoping to god that his powers were working again.

One wrong move, he thought, I swear, he makes so much as one wrong move and next thing he knows he'll be hanging upside down by his ankles. If the worst comes to the worst, I'll just have to drop him. Preferably into a large pit of some description.

Dilya stepped forward to greet the pilot, but Nicola's head obscured Cadell's view of their face. He didn't mind though, he had just discovered something. Something that worried him a good deal more than it should have done.

There were no ghosts anywhere in sight.

The End

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