Bracelet on, Powers offMature

"Thank god that worked" Dilyla mumbled getting to her feet.

"What?" Finlay asks

"The bracelet its still working even though my powers off so I sort of sent a distress signal" Dilyla says shrugging.

"To who?" Darian asks standing up along with everyone else. They all wince and moan. Their all in pain really.

Dilyla opens her mouth to answer then closes it. Her face goes white. "I don't know" She mumbles.

"Hey, is it me or with that beast gone are powers are returning?" Carmen asks. A little tornado is flickering on her palm.

Finlay tries his water power slight orb of water. "Our power loss must have something to do with that creature but.... It hurts to use my powers" He says letting the water fall from his palm.

"Should we get on that helicopter though?" Hope asks.

Everyone turns to look at it. Should they go? Is it safe?

Only one way to find out. The helicopter begins to desend and everyone has to back off slightly from the force of the wind.

Then it touches ground. The fans go off. Dilyla and her friends look at each other with worry.

Then they turn there heads to watch as the pilot opens the door. Then steps forward allowing the shadows to fall from their face to show there identity.

The End

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