Nicola: Screams, shaking, destruction, and absolutley nothing I can do to helpMature

Nicola deep sleep was distrubed when a shaking of the building began but it he was awakened by a scream. He still felt slightly feverish , and was sweating enough that his hair was drenched in sweat, maybe it was just the heat. He jumped off the bed anyways and went outside ready to fight whatever. He ran outside , and saw two completly different things, one a gaint fire like demon , and a bunch of humans with abilities he presumed. Standing outside of the house. His friends also running out and engaging the enemy without hesistatation.

Nicola tried the same by summoning electricity but nothing happened, and something hard and mettalic collided with his body , both winding him , and throwing him agianst the wall.

" Ah  I take my power for granted." He mutters as he slowly gets himself back up. He dodges and rolls a few more metallic objects, he takes out a combat knife when he gets closer to his metal summoning oppenent.  Nicola steps speedily onto his right foot quickly gathering energy like a spring then bouncing off it while he holds the knife forwards. His oppenent readily counters by making a mettalic armour snapping the knide as it made contact.

"  Oh , that can't be good." Nicola says off balance then recieving a punch to his gut , and once again he finds himself flying backwards the only difference a metal fist is aimed at his head. Nicola curls into a ball just barely missing the fist that would potentially would have killed him. He gets up and goes into a run.

" Help , help , My powers aren't working!" He runs past a group of figures he guessed where his friends and hoped he was right.

The End

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