Dream, dream, dreeeaaamming....Mature


   People walk around me, they look to me and two steps after they combust. They turn into charcoal and then to dust partials in the air. 
   I feel nothing; I just blink, tilt my head to the side and walk in the warm sand. My hand glows with fire, it grows until it encases my entire body. Ahead I see that clan, I look at them, feeling...
   The leader walks forward, 'Welcome Mistress,' they bow traditionally, hands in front of their hearts. I do not bow back; I just watch them, the flames dying down a little bit. His clan are wearing mud coloured clothes, which makes her raise an eyebrow.
   'Now, let's get to work and save the world.' The leader says, and for some reason I am not shocked. It is then that I notice Hope as they stamp on the ground, left leg first followed by the right. The others stand nearby, looking cautious of me. Again, I am not surprised by this.
   The earth shakes; we turn to the sea and see it...

Gerda sits bolt upright in bed, she looks down to see herself fully dressed and the bed sheets on the dusty floor. She always has has... odd dreams, but that one just about topped it. Shaking her head she looks around and sees the room shaking.

Outside she hears one of her friends yell, "What the hell was that?!" She wonders the same thing, she pulls open the door and looks around, some her friends are in the hall looking lost. She raises her eyebrow and follows some out and down the hall.

The End

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