A Touched HeartMature

Dilyla sat on the roof of Carmens house. She fancied going out and trying to speak Peruvian with the locals. She could learn from there mind and it could be very useful in there trip.

But Dilyla was to tired so she remained sat on the roof knees pulled up to her chest. She was thinking something she did a lot off these days.

She use to not be able to think with constant voices zooming round her head. But now thanks to the bracelet she could.

She was think about Darian. She wasn't sure at all what she should do.

Dilyla let out a large sigh. "You okay?" A voice came from behind her.

She jumped slightly then turned to face Darian. He was standing slightly slanted but perfectly balanced on the roof.

Oh yeah, I forgot his other power is manipulation of gravity, Dilyla thought calmly the words coming to her head by themselves.

"Um, yeah I'm fine" Dilyla mumbled turning back to face the view of the land beyond.

Darian came over and sat next to her. She could feel the force of the gravity that he was using to keep himself perfectly in place.

"So......." Darian trails off.

"So?" Dilyla asks looking at him. Just say it, She thinks angrily but she doesn't project it.

"I was wondering if you were thinking about-" The earth shakes and Dilyla would have fallen off the roof if Darian had not caught her wrist.

"What the hell was that?" Someone yells.

The End

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