"Sure" Dilyla says shrugging. I think it was the first time they actually looked at her and Darian.

They were standing in a small forcefield that was buzzing with electricity.

"Why the hell couldn't you have done that for everyone?!?" Carmen shouted. She was obviously tired.

"You seemed to be coping" Darian says shrugging.

"Can I please get out of this thing?" Dilyla asks looking up at him.

"Sure" He waves a hand and the forcefield split going down into the ground. Dilyla steps a few paces away.

"I think we should get some sleep. We're not going to solve this thing while half dead tired" Dilyla says shruging of her back pack and pulls out a bottle of water. She toss it to Nicola then stands up.

He's extremely parched and gulps down the whole bottle, which I knew he would do.

"So, where are we heading?" Finlay asks turning to Carmen.

"What happened to the bad guys?" Hope asks suddenly. We all look at Darian who shakes his head.

"Lost the forcefield in the explosion. Some got fried, some excaped but I do know they were angry" He says.

Dilyla sighs. Sorry, Darian's mind whispers. She looks at him then shrugs. I mean what could he have done? They only just coped with that explosion.

"I show you the way" Carmen says. Everyone follows after her but Darian and Dilyla stay at the back.

You seem more under control these days, so the stories are true, Darian thinks.

Dilyla nods revealing the bracelet glued to her skin. Don't ask cause I can't tell, She thinks back.

This is like old times isn't it, He thinks.

Nothings the same, Dilyla sends back. Darian sighs and they both realise the others keep looking back at them.

They know?? Its more of a question that a statement.

Not that I know off, Dilyla thinks.

Will you ever answer me though Dilyla? Darian asks. Dilyla looks at him seeing the sadness in his face.

A few years ago Dilyla began to feel for Darian then Two years ago he asked her out and Dilyla told him she couldn't answer. The rules set by the last headteacher for her was that she couldn't get in a serious relationship. But he's gone now.... So what will she do?

The End

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