A little aftershock.Mature


Hope felt the movement against the earth before she read the message: I'm going to explode! and she quickly nudged the others to move back, as everyone in turn read with widened eyes the warning. It was one thing having powers, a whole different affair when one of your friends was about to blow up. Nicola hauled himself up and ran into the distance, glowing bright orange like a streetlamp with 300 watts or so. Finlay yelled at everyone to protect themselves. Hope looked about helplessly, wondering how exactly her powers could help at all. You could hardly call them powers if they didn't come to any use. Suddenly, a little lightbulb pinged in her head and she scrunched up her eyes, willing the ground to provide her with something.


Two strong vines twirled up from the dust and entwined themselves around her legs, binding tightly to keep her grounded. She tried to extend this to the others and then remembered that Gerda wasn't always the most careful with plants.

'Hey! It was a bloody accident!' Gerda retorted.

'How did you know what I was thinking?' Hope started.

'Well it's pretty obvious, it's practically written across your face!'

'Oh. Sorry, sorry.' Hope gulped. 'I guess I'm just-'

She was cut off by the large explosion that came from the distance. Hope felt her face grow deathly pale as she saw the dust and impact and heat rolling ominously toward her and the others. She closed her eyes and thought to herself, here goes nothing. The plants around her legs winced in anticipation, and she heard Dilyla's thoughts extended to everyone: Keep calm, it'll be ok.

Suddenly Hope felt a breeze around her, cooling and surprising, considering they were about to hit with the blast from Nicola exploding. Hope opened her eyes to see the new girl, Carmen, holding her hands out as if to steady the air. A forcefield!

Now why can't I have something cool like that...

The wind rushed past their shield and the debris gradually died down as Nicola slowly lifted his arm, as if to check the air. Carmen let go and panted from minor exhaustion. The vines gently slipped from Hope's limbs and shrunk back into the ground.

'Hey are you guys alright?' Nicola yelled across. Hope held her breath- she wasn't too sure. Everything had happened a little too quickly and even though they hadn't felt the impact of the explosion, she still felt...well. Like there had still been some aftershock. Her legs felt weak: there was a small chance that in her haste for something sturdy, the vines had cut off her circulation a little.

'Well I don't know about you but I'm fine' she breathed, before collapsing to the floor.

The End

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