Nicola: DrainMature

Nicola's eye sight was blurred and heavily darkened but it was slowly clearing. His head felt like someone had tooken the liberty of repeatedly hitting it with a sledghammer.

" Ow everything hurts , especially my head." He moans , he felt feverish as well, and began to shiver. 

" Dude are you going to be allright?" Nicola hears someone voice but was unsure to who it belonged to.

" No."

" Give it a rest I bet you anything its a mancold." He recognizes Gerda's voice.

Nicola would normally would have a remark to shoot back at her but felt no emotion or need to defend his pathetic self. 

" Whatever , it will probably pass."  Nicola mutters trying to rollover and sit up , a bit more , " Where are we , and what happened after .... Well I passed out?"

" A clan of people with powers came , and started some stuff , and will she was using fire , and he used water and we won." Carmen  puts in.

" Well put." Nicola trys to hide his sarcasm but fails misearbly.

" Well you asked."

" Tr..." Nicola finds himself muted.

Oh no, I should have known. He thinks.,I'm going to release everything because I have collected foriegn particles, and my body can't manipulate positively charged particles.

Nicola grabs a rock , and scratches into the ground. I'm going to explode! Then breaks into a run as his skin begins to glow orange and his body begins to show signs of electricity overload release.  He runs until his body is consumed , by the two charges trying to bond , but fails as it erupts outside of his body, he begins to shake , and convulse as he literally explodes a heavily compected sphere of electricity that will incenerate eveything in its path. 

When its finished Nicola lays in the only unincerated ground for a half a kilometer, he lifts a finger to the sky , and trys to show a charge but nothing happens.

" Yep , no powers for a weak, thankfully , I took multiple martial arts." He mutters to himself still feeling feverish but gets up despite the fact he very well was sick.

" Hey are you guys alraight?" He yells weakly

The End

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