"Hmm" Dilyla huffs. "That would have a whole lot simpler if not for Nicola's big feet"

She kicks his feet for good measure. "What's happened to him?" Finlay asks.

"Oh he'll wake up soon just too much electricity intake" Dilyla says shaking her head.

Then they all look at the clan. "Hey, when did he arrive?" Iris asks pointing at Darian.

Dilyla looks back at him. He smiles warily. "Highjacked the plane again" She says shrugging at Iris.

"What shall we do with this lot?" Cadell says.

"Question them" someone shouts.

"Leave them" another.

"Just go home" This ones more like a plee. Dilyla and Finlay look at each other and She shrugs so Finlay takes charge.

What just cause I carry a magical bracelet on my wrist and have training doesn't make me know everything, Dilyla thinks to herself.

"We should put them somewhere safe and question them before we go. I mean leaving them out here would be stupid and we've seen what they can do" Finlay says.

Dilyla stands back resting against a bolder and Darian comes to stand next to her.

His power is force fields and he begins clapping his hands together a force field forming round them when they hit.

"I could help" Darian says. Everyone turns and gasps at the many forcefields floating about suspended in space.

"Don't touch them they sort of blow out a bit before fading" Dilyla says warning them. "Past experience"

Darian smiles then all the force fields begin to pop one by one. "Okay, if you could-" Finlay begins.

But he's done it a force field carrying the men. He moves his hand which is palm facing it. As his hand moves so does the force field.

"How come thats not popping?" Hope asks.

"Depends on what I make them for the ones I created just then were mere bubbles" Darian says shrugging.

"Right.... Now where to?" Finlay says.

The End

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