Dilyla was right, Nichola really did need to lighten up - literally. She and Gerda pulls his unconscious body to a boulder, Gerda's arms throb as they plonk his body to the floor.

"Ouch," Dilyla mutters, Gerda looks up eyebrow raised. "He'll feel that in the morning." She smiles, but something catches her eye's attention, in the distance she can see a horde of men, surrounding her friends. Nothing new, after their last adventure a few me-

Oh my gods. A small group of them begin to play with the earth. Gerda's stomach lerches as she sees Hope, her eyes earnest to join in, someone creates a tree, her instincts scream at her to burn it down. She gulps down the feeling, "So much for men with guns." The feeling comes up like bile, again she forces it down, "These guys have powers."

 "No kidding," Dilyla whispers, as one of the twelve creates ditches around their friends.

She realises, that they are obviously very close - like a family. A clan. "It's a clan," her voice chokes quietly.

"And when did you figure that out?" A voice behind hisses, making her jump and Dilyla kicks back, knock the person to the ground. "Oh sorry," she whispers in hushed tones, her eyes wide.

She looks to the boy, "No no, my fault." Damn right, I almost cacked myself - to put it crudely. "Shouldn't we get your friends out?"

Dilyla shrugs, she actually shrugs! "They can do it themselves," we turn back. The earth guys see us - or rather Nicola's feet. Shit.

"Move," they look at her blankly, cursing in her head she yells, "MOVE!" Just as a earth spike springs out of the earth right at them. They land in a heap on the ground, Dilyla's friend moves Nicola.

Finally giving into her instincts, she allows a fire ball to leave her hand, it smashes right into one of the guy's gut. Luckily for him, it wasn't a dangerous fire, just warning back off fire. Nothing too serious.

Unluckily for them - Gerda, Dilyla and her friend - the clan do not see it like that, "Oh crap."

They scatter, without realising it they create a diversion, allowing their friends to escape. Iris rushes over to her, before she reaches Gerda though, one of the dudes creates a earthy cadge around her.

"Oh. No. You. Didn't." Gerda spits out.

In the distance she hears people telling her, "Don't do it!" She ignores them, shaking with rage, she creates circles of fire around the clan. The culprit behind cadging Iris looks at her, his eyes glowing. "Well well well, look what we have here, boys. A little mistress of the flames."

Gerda's eyes glow, the left eye shining white the right shining black. Half good, half... Not. "Fuck you," she spits as the fire grows.

The End

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