Get insideMature

Dilyla hears it before shes sees it. In the distance from the direction Nicola went off his mind scream. She clenches her head.

"Ouch" She mutters. "Guys.... theres a storm coming and.... Nicola's down" She says.

"You can hide in my house" Carmen says.

"Not without Nicola..... Gerda come with me. You guys get to safety" Dilyla says they all  nod.

"What can I do?" Gerda says.

"Explode the electricity coming our way.... We'll see you guys at the house" She says then they split the others following Carmen and Dilyla and Gerda following to the place Nicola's last concious thought came from.

They find him. "Shoot this will be hard" Dilyla mutters. "We need to carry him"

She picks him up so shes sort of giving him a piggy back but his feet are dragging.

"Remind me to tell Nicola to lose some weight" Dilyla chokes out. Then she tries and fixs her mind on Finlay's thoughts.

Finlay, Dilyla sends in strongly.

Not Now We're Bizzy! His thought is loud and angry.

"Oh great now they're in trouble" Dilyla mutters. "Come on"

They set off a gental jog Dilyla can't manage much more carrying Nicola on her back. Then they reach where Finlay and the other are.

They duck behind a boulder and Dilyla drops Nicola. "Ouch, he'll feel that in the morning" she mutters.

They look out at their friends who are now being held hostage. "So much for men with guns.... these guys they have powers" Gerda whispers.

"No kidding" Dilyla whispers as they watch them manipulate the earth up and around their friends.

There 12 of them. "Its a clan" Gerda whispers.

"And when did you figure that out?" a voice hisses.

Dilyla turns and kick out only to regret it when she sees its Darian, a boy who goes to their school and has jump board on a few of their trips this summer. "Oh sorry" Dilyla whispers.

"No, my fault but nows not time to chit chat. Shouldn't we get your friends out" he says.

"They can do it themselves" She sayx turning back. Just as the words are out of her mouth all of hell breaks loose.

The End

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