Nicola: What? positive lightning!Mature

The girl Carmem  was quite a coincedence , and was probably a nice persone ,my thoughts drifted. I felt different here, the air, the smell, the heat it all seemed to affect me, plus an evil feeling was lurking on the outsided of my distant feeling self. 

" You could all stay with me." Carmen says.  I was quite paying attention but I bet it was a mutual feeling that we should start seeing what was up around here. Well that could also just be me.  I think but notice I'm walking away from everyone , I should worry though its not like they'll worry to much I keep to myself, and when I'm around i cause trouble, unwanted trouble. As I take my walk a young boy runs up toanf wraps himself around my leg , and yells at me in a language I can't understand. 

" What?"  That would be no use he doesn't speak english. I begin to look around for some local to get this boy off me. Luckily I didn't have to look far as a woman chants something probably his name. Then speak to me in poor english.

" Sorry , just telling storm is coming.find safe" The women says then begins to rush home.

I guesses a stom was heading our way. I figure , and we should find shelter. I look into the clouds though , and see nothing.

" Wierd." I say to myslef and turn back around. perhaps the boy and the woman where a little shaken by the distruction of they're country.  As I walk back towards the plane I see storm clouds coming unaturally fast. I could also feel the electrical charge in the clouds.  It was positive charge not negatively meaning that it wasn't natural but it was going to hit me because, I'm negatively charged.

" This is going to hurt!" I say then  break into a run knowing it was useless. I look behind me and see an orange light snaking towards me connecting with my arm, I'm sent flying through the air , and I can feel my body become this hugely charged mess of particles. I begin to scream as I hit the ground the cloud begins to cover over me , and more orange streaks of lighting continue to strike down on me.  My sight black out and excrueating pain took over. This happened to me before and I lived but this was different somehow. I feel two more bolts of lightning then I see , and feel no more.

The End

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