Introductions and BlackoutsMature

Carmen felt the cool water on her feet before she knew what was happening. Once she got a hold on reality though, she watched in awe. The plants, the healing, the lightning - which frankly scared her, and the invisible person. To top it off, one of them said exactly what Carmen was going to say just before she said it. Carmen was amazed, but she couldn't take it. The world started spinning, her eye lids fluttered and she collapsed to the ground.

"Hello?" she heard someone calling to her, as if they were down a tunnel. "Wake up!" it was a girl.

"I'll get it," said a boy. Carmen's eye lids shot open. She spluttered and coughed.

"Yeah, choke her to death why don't you!" said the girl who had been calling to her before.

"Thanks," she muttered genuinely between coughs. Her hair stuck to her head, soaking wet. "Just a second," she got up and moved away from the group, a wall of dust encasing her as a tornado of wind spun around her, drying her hair. when the dust died down, Carmen was careful to contain it so it didn't go anywhere. "All better," she smiled.

The group just looked at her. She blushed again, this time it covered her whole face.

"I'm sorry about your plane," she said.

"Yeah," one girl answered immediately. Right, thought Carmen she said my question before I did. Can she see the future? "And read minds," she smiled and Carmen gasped.

"Cool, Oh! I'm Carmen by the way,"

"I'm Dilyla and this is Finlay - Water, Gerda - Fire, Hope - plants, Cadell - Telekinisis, Nicola - Electricity and Kita - can mess with light and sound."

Carmen stared wide-eyed at the group. Such a wide variety of powers in one group! Carmen had never heard of such a thing.

"Do you guys need a place to stay? 'Cause, my house can probobaly hold all of you, I think. Other wise I've got friends houses you can stay at too!" Carmen hoped these people had meant to land here, for the first time she felt like she actually knew people, she'd never had this much in common with a group of people before, and it was really comforting.

The End

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