Is that . . . a plane!?Mature

Carmen was cycling down the road right in front of her house. It was a blisteringly hot day, but she didn't feel a thing. Cool, soft breezes of air swirled around her, creating a nice pocket of cool in an entire country of hot. She waved to people working in the fields and walking around the town as she rode down the Main St. She must've been riding for at least an hour when she felt a disturbance in the air. She lost concentration on her air and the sweltering heat hit her like a truck.

"Uh," she said, "I don't know how people survive!" She could feel the disturbance becoming more prominent and she felt the air move away from something. She peddaled faster, her colourful shawl whipping in the wind she was creating. Suddenly, the disturbance stopped. "What the heak!?" she dropped her bike and ran into the middle of a field.

Then, the disturbance started up again and a sharp screeching sound cut through the air, although only she could hear it because it was still too far away.

"Is that . . . a plane!?" now she saw a metal tip cutting through a small cloud and plummeting towards the ground, right towards her! She ran away from the landing plane, as fast as she could. She looked ahead of her to make sure she didn't trip on anything, and, of course she fell onto the ground, hard. The plane hit the ground with a sound like thunder, ripping up dry grass and dirt. Carmen flipped over and stared at the plane coming closer and closer.

Finally, it stopped.

There were flames alight on one of the wings, and carmen quickly gathered up some carbon dioxide and swept them away.

"Hello?" she called, "Is there anyone in there?"

The End

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