The plane was falling. Dilyla was struggling with the controls. She knew she had enough time to pull the plane out of the nose dive but they would still crash.

She heard the other screaming and panicing in the back trying to get the flames out. Then Dilyla paniced her eyes flashed and the bracelet flared.

Time paused. "Guys" Dilyla choked standing up. She undid her belt and went to the back. The others had all fallen to the floor in a heap and were getting to their feet.

"Why the hell didn't you do that before?" Nicola yelled.

"I couldn't I.... I think I just paused the plane. We can't stay like this long someone will get surspicious" Dilyla says. Everyones mind are tainted with worry. She can still feel the general feeling of everyones thoughts around her but now just has to slightly consentrate to hear certain thoughts.

"Anyone hurt?" Iris shouts.

People begin yelling "I'm fine", "I'm okay... then. "How the hell did the bloody plane begin to crash?" Cadell yells.

Everyone looks at each other. No one knew not a single person. They all turned to Dilyla.

"I don't know.... What I do know is we will have to crash. Now get in your seats" Dilyla says sternly.

Everyone straps in. The time begins. Dilyla yanks up the controls and they hit the ground hard. The bottom of the plane scratching along the ground.

Then they come to a stop. "Uh, that was terrible" she says standing up. "Is everyone okay?"

The End

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