Great, so much for a holiday in the sun, Gerda - also known as Gee from her older sister, Iris - thinks sullenly to herself. She ties her long burgundy hair up into a knot - something she mastered a couple of months ago when she went with an ancient tribe to master her powers. They had great fun helping Gerda, they liked her so much that they turned her into an honourable member - who can come and go when it pleases. That tribe was one of the nicest groups of people she had ever met - that is of course, after they tried to eat her...

Gerda's powers are... interesting to say the least, she is the firriest people you will ever meet - literally! You see, when she gets angry, or shocked or anything really, she can make things blow up or catch a light with a taught or click of her fingers. Sometimes - if you're unfortunate to be their - evil spirits of the underworld like to use her destructive powers for their own gain, they force the good out making her their pawn. One of her most hated nicknames is, Chaos's daughter - you'd understand if you've been with her for a long time. Oh, and she also has freaky senses.

That's Gerda, the one that is trying to mix with other people, and is succeeding. Kind of. She now has a few friends; Iris, her half sister and closest friend, she is the only one that can calm Gerda down, she is a healer and practically Gerda's opposite; Finlay, he controls water - it's ironic that they're friends really, y' know, fire and water - and on his first day was branded a hero; Dilya, she is - was -  the old - evil - headmasters little star, he made her learn all forms of fighting, random things like how to fly a plane and she is basically a psychic that can manipulate time; Hope, still annoyed that Gerda burnt down a tree, - by accident! - she can control plants; Cadell is the welsh boy that can see ghosts, and move things with his mind; Nicola is the slightly annoying one - for Gerda - he always wants to fight, fight, fight, needless to say that he almost got them killed last time; and finally, Kita who can see all visible light and audible sounds - she has better senses than Gerda, easily too.

Gerda rushes around picking up clothes, books, her beloved iPod, shoving them into a red tartan rucksack. Swinging the back over her back, she turns of the room light and makes her way to Dilyla's plane.

She meets everyone there, all buzzing (literally) with excitement and anticipation. Gerda notes that she is the last one here - late again - and that she is not giddy with excitement. Not surprising as they're going against fire - her element - and she would probably be drawn to it. Oh well, might be fun at least.

You okay, Gerda? Dilyla's voice asks.

Yep, just watch out, other peoples' fire plus me equals an equation you do not want to work out.

Alright, first sign of trouble and Iris and I will take you down.

If you can.

Yes, we can. Which we will.


The End

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