Nicola: familiar but yet notMature

"Yeah packing."  I say distantly.

I was too useless last time, my power its not all that great of one. I have worked hard to improve it but I had felt that I was nothing but someone in the way. This time I wasn't going to be in the way , and I was going to be there , and this time I won't mess things up.  I think about where all my things sit , and remember they sit in the same place becuase all I have really wanted was to prove myself.

" When , and where are we meeting?"  I ask.

" Don't be stupid, where my plane is. When you finished packing." Dilyla says

" Oh right."  There I was already asking stupid questions, " see you probably very soon then." I say walking away towards the school where my bag sat.

That flameing monster that man described had brought up memories that I didn't think where mine but how could they possibly not be mine? I mean I don't really see other people memories or thoughts so they must be mine. But never in my life have i ever had to deal with something like that. Maybe say that demon we ran into in new york , but that was different.

The End

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