We are backMature

Dilyla had enjoyed the holiday. She knew it would have ended sooner or later. The bracelet was still strapped to her wrist.

It turns out Zoe Kennedy had depended on finding the lost secret and since she didn't get it she died a few days later. Dilyla had also give some power to her friends.

Just the amount to make there powers more developed. She however now enjoyed having the bracelet. It contained tons of information that Dilyla hadn't even dreamed about.

She had also learned to control her powers more. No longer needing her dark black glasses, earphones and hood.

It had shocked the living daylights out of her friends when she had came in with out it the first time.

"What?" Dilyla said walking into the classroom.

"Are you..... Oh my gosh, Dilyla?????"

It was funny, Dilyla still found it funny that they had hardly recognized her.

But now after just watching the screen she felt uncomfortable.

"We need to head back to the school.... or there" I say looking around.

"Who votes there?" Says Finlay. Dilyla puts her hand up as does Finlay and Nicola.

"Well, too bad to everyone else cause I'm driving and flying" She says. She hears the others groan as she gets up.

"Time to get packed up another adventure begins" Dilyla says sternly.

The End

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