The school for outsiders: The fire of CarcharMature

Join our heroes in thier second year of the school for outsiders. They have uncovered the lost secret but how will they face against the fire of carchar.

Finlay Mackenzie fumbled on the frisbee thrown towards him by dear friend, Cadell. He was on the sunny, beautiful and exotic beach on a remote island near the Galapogas. Along with Finaly and Cadell were other close friends Dilyla, Hope, Gerda, Kita, Nichola and Iris.

Eleven months ago, the eight had riked life and death for something called the lost secret. The lost secret was the entire source of Zoe Kennedy's power. The evil woman with eternal youth died shortly after the school took it into thier possession. Finlay liked the school because it was not normal school, it was a special school for students with amazing power and supernatural strength. Finlay for example could create, mould and control water. Water wasd his puppet and he the puppeteer.

"Come over here" Dilyla yelled after Finaly failed to throw the frisbee further than a yard. He was a real nerd. The group obeyed and crowded around Dilyla who was sat in a deck chair with a cold drink and a tv. Flashing on its square screen was images from another natural disaster. But this one was different.

"No natural occurance has caused the destruction in large cities of Peru" told the female reporter who stood in front of crushed buildings, destroyed roads and overall destruction "No earthquake, tsunami or storm has been recorded. This havoc was caused by something unseen before"

A peruvian man with cuts and damage across his tanned and wrinkled began talking and an english woman translated "I was staring out from my mountanous field, admiring the view when I felt a change in the weather. My cattle retreated as a fire approached. It was not a normal fire, it crept along the floor with arms and legs the size of tree trunks. Everything it touched was destroyed. I just escaped to the top of the mountain as it disseapeared in a puff of red smoke..."

Dilyla turned off the television and stared at the confused and horrified faces of her friends

"Something strange has happened and we know strange"

The End

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