The School

The School for children who can do amazing things. Based in the centre of one of the worlds busiest citiy. (Please no character specify which city) Funded by the United Nations children from all over the world are sent there to learn how to control their abilites so they can live a normal life in the outside world. Children are allowed to leave whenever they wish and once a week the children are let out into the city with their pocket money.

I scowl as the car pulls away and my parents leave me behind. Other cars pass their horns blaring as I stand with my luggage in the middle of the street. I turn to the school. A tall dark haired woman is rushing out waving frantically for me to get out of the road. I scowl even deeper (if that's possible) and pull my luggage after me.

"You must be William?" She questions a warm smile pasted to her features. I feel her mind probing mine. I sharply raise my mind block and I see the pain on her features as I cut off her Link. I smile sarcastically.

"Let me show you to your room." She says slightly sharply. Leading me towards the modern glass fronted building.

The End

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