I watched as Anju slept, thinking over Reapers words. And then, the house began to shake. He was right then. Demons were arriving, and wanting to take Anju in to the limbo.

I stood ready to defend her. I heard shouts downstairs. Then a demon appeared in front of me. Dealing it a blow I sent it flying to the otherside of the room where it vanished, back in to limbo. I grabbed Anju, holding her tightly. No one would get my little child. If I could look after her for a couple more hours, she would wake and have so much strength that she would be a formidable enemy. And after she had fought the demons, I would have to help her control it, before she blew the entire house apart.

Kissing her forehead I stood, feeling the return of another demon. Come on then. Get your sorry butt kicked.

The End

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