" Yeah , no not at all." I say getting all the dust off.

" This cave seems to stretch on for quite a while." Lirael says.

" Still can't see hang on a sec."

I put my hand over my eyes, the pupils began to that of night creatures this was the first time I really demonstrated, changing ones existance doesn't have to be bad.  I began to see more in the cave it wend off in a few directions.

" Which way do you think we should go?" I ask.

" I don't how about that way." Lirael says pointing to the right.

"Okay." I say and stand very close to her.

As we went on the slope of the cave got quite steep to the point if stepped any farter we wold fall.

" Even with proper night vision I don't see the bottom, it just seems to go on forever." I say a little amazed.

" I could fly us down there , but somethings doesn't feel quite right."  , I took a moment to actually understand it did feel rather dark down there.

" I'm curious to whats down there but at the same time....." Something came out of the dark , like it had pushed the dark away and the concealed itself in it.

" What the?" Lirael asks.

" You saw that?" I say

Then straigh before us a large mawed boney creatures head and screeches the most horrible noise it was ear shattering. I fell forwards my ears ringing, the creature catches me in one hand and picks Lirael in the other begins to follow the cave up, I began to become aware of my surrounding again , and behind the creature came more.

" Demons!" I say ," I thought they died out!" I say the creature crashes into the Santuary sending the both of us flying into a wall. 

" Lirael you alright!" I yell through the dust I couldn't see her.

The End

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