The Reaper: Watch out for them

Evelyn stumbles as we come into Limbo. That only occasionally happens these days. I take her wrist keeping her on her feet.

She trys to pull away but I pull her close getting hold of her other wrist. I lean down to kiss her. "What do you want?" Evelyn snaps turning her face away.

I sigh and let go of her wrists folding my arms. "Spirits are going to be in the sactuary surrounding Anju. I know Fialka can protect her now my deal says I no longer can but I'm worried about leaving you there" I pause tilting my head. "I'm worried you might be reckless. I would prefer you to be actually flesh and blood"

Evelyn glares up at me. "I won't be reckless don't you worry" She whispers.

"Ah, but I can't help but worry Evelyn. You do sometimes take outrageous risks for others" I say shaking my head.

"Why is that do bad?" She says. Something snaps inside my.

I suddenly find close up to Evelyn having pinned her up to a wall by her wrists. "I'm not letting you kill yourself Evelyn. Its you I care for not those others maybe sparing Anju" I whisper.

She seems shocked.... unable to utter a word. I bring my lips down on hers. Like always at first she tenses then slowly relax's. I let go of her wrists allowing her to wrap her arms round my neck while I caress her face.

I let her pull back for a breath. "I love you with this spirit Evelyn..... I would still love you if you died but like this with freedom I love you the most" I whisper.

Then I pull back. "You can go back now. Those humans may need your help something a miss at the Sanctuary and I need to go and do some shipping" I say turning away.

Evelyn hesitates then running up to me she kisses me on the cheek before leaving through the portal.

The End

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