After I had left Lirael with Zander's corpse-like body I hid myself away in my room doing nothing much, mainly just staring at the ceiling worrying about Anju and Fialka.  There was nothing I could do to stop Fialka, she was a much older and stronger vampire than me but I couldn't not act.

There was a small shudder and I sat up in bed trying to work out what it was.  But couldn't put my finger on it.  I carefully left my room and went down to the kitchen which is where everyone seemed to congregate in times of crisis.  It was empty.

Zander and Lirael were not where I had left them and I could sense the presence of either Fialka or Anju.  The Santuary felt empty

'Where has everyone gone?'  I muttered to myself.

The End

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