Evelyn was carried off by the Reaper and I supressed a shudder. She was brave for putting up with that all the time.

" That's wierd, and creepy."

"I guess, she'll be back most likely though."

I couldn't help but supress a shudder at the thought of the Reaper. He came so close.. We wandered around for a while, lost in our thoughts, until we came to the pit Querevoc had disappeared down.

" Huh , What you suppose is down there?" Zander asked

" Qurevok , and whatever he finds." I shrugged. I had no idea.

" Sounds like a math equation, whatever he finds being X." Zander laughed with something like suprise. I raised my eyebrows, saying nothing.

The ground trembled slightly and we both stumbled. The ground gave way and we fell. Zander grabbed me and plunged his hand into the wall, becoming part of it. We ground to a halt, the light above us closing up.

"Can't see a dammed thing, you?" Zander muttered through gritted teeth.

I blinked once. "Let me go..I can phase, see what I can see."

Zander muttered something, but losened his grip. I slid from his grasp and fell. I clsed my eyes, feeling the warmth I always did when phasing. My tumbling fall changed tothe controlled dive of a barn owl. I banked sharply, feeling the air glide silently over my wings. I spiralled upwards, projecting what I saw to Zander. The walls were craggy, rocky and seemed to pulsate slightly. Looking at them for too long made me feel slightly ill. I followed the sheer drop down this time until we reached the bottom, where a faint glow illumtinated a flat, sandy floor. There were traces of blood and dark holes showed a series of tunnels leading off. There were scuff marks in the dirt.

I flew back up a short way, to where Zander was. I phased back into human, grabbing handholds in the walls. Zander threw his arm around my waist to keep me there.

"Did you see all of that?" I asked, breathless.

"Yeah..." his voce trailed off thoughtful.

"Can you get down?" I asked, thinking I could phase if I had to.

"I think so, are you okay to phase?" he replied.

"Yeah, don't worry about me. See you at the bottom?"

"Don't take too long" Zander laughed and I felt his arm disappear and a cool rush as he decended. I phased to an owl again, gliding downwards and phasing back, landing gracefully on my feet. Dimly, I could see Zander brushing dust from his clothes. I giggled.

"Not quite as graceful as you could have been"

The End

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