Evelyn disapears along with the Reaper, I ease off on protecting Lirael , and turn to her.

" That's wierd, and creepy."

"I guess, she'll be back most likely though."

We both walk out the Kitchen , we walked around the house for a little not saying to much or doing much.  We walk down to the pit where Qurevok supposedly disapeared into. It was deep and pitch black. 

" Huh , What you suppose is down there?" I ask Lirael.

" Qurevok , and whatever he finds."

" Sounds like a math equation, whatever he finds being X." I laugh , surprised I make such a comparison.

Below there is a slight rumbling and we find ourselves struggling to main tain balance until the thr ground were standing on collapses. I grab Lirael , and plung my hand into the pits walls becoming part of it. We stopped afterlosing sight of the surface. 

"Can't see a dammed thing, You?"

The End

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