The Reaper: Deal broken

I appeared next to Fialka and she jumped then stood defensively in front of Anju. I waved my hand dismissively. "I'm not here to harm either of you" I say simply. "Just here to note my protection can no longer stand over the child"

"Your..... your protection??" Fialka says confused.

"I made a deal with her mother. For her life I would be Anju's watcher... or protector as she put it. I kept her from death .... You don't know what you've done be stopping her life span" I say shaking my head.

"What do you mean?" Fialka whispers.

"Lets just say some spirits had a little want of taking her to limbo..... Now I've protected her till the freeze of her life span..... Well, I can't tell them not to try and take her. You'll have to keep her safe till she can fully control and use her powers" I pause. "Can you do that?"

"Of course I can. I wont let them take My Child" Fialka snaps. I nod simply.

"Lets hope you can. Oh and with spirits don't let them touch your spine they take your energy. Now I'm going to visit my lovely Evelyn" I say. I shadow out appearing in the kitchen.

Evelyn jumps seeing me straight away unlike her friends. Then as I come in allowing them to see me they jump up. Zander putting himself in front of Lireal.

"Don't worry I'm not here to see you two" I turn to Evelyn. "I'm here for you. We have to talk"

"What about?" Evelyn asks. I smile then step closer taking her wrist.

"Something that cant be discussed here" I say still smiling. Then I pull a portal round us dragging us into limbo.

The End

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