When she sinked her fangs into my neck it felt so different I could my blood flowing into her, hear the purring sound as she fed, I felt her arms my waist. she wa done she slit her wrist and I smelt her blood and shot my eyes open as she neared her wrist to my mouth, and I began to drink.

Her blood was sweet and warm as it flowed into my mouth it was thebest thing I had ever tasted I could feel my body changing.

when I was done I like the cut and it sealed an I smiled at erand she smiled at me in return I could feel the bond already "Fialk I feel tired" I said yawning and my eyelids were drooping.

"sleep then my child and I will be here when you wake" I heard the smile in the voice as she said My child and I smiled to I like the sound of it.

I fell into a deep sleep knowing I wouldnt wake for a couple of days.

The End

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