It's time. I floated down the stairs and took Anju by the hand. She followed willingly. When we reached the room, I laid her out on the bed, closing her eyes with my hands.

"This might hurt a little Anju, but soon you will wake up a new person."

I lay next to her, kissing her head and looking in to her eyes.

"Fialka, I'm scared."

"There's no need. I will protect you."

"But won't you be weak?"

"Yes, but there are others who will protect us if we are attacked."

"How much will it hurt?"

"Not much at all sweetie. Now hold on to Boogie tightly."

"Not too tightly please Miss Anju." he said. She grinned down at him.

Slowly, I pushed back her beautiful hair, and laid it on the pillow. Sitting up I turned to lean over her. She looked up at me with her beautiful eyes.

"I'm ready" she said determined. My fangs flicked out. She jumped a little but arched her neck.

I leaned over her, it probably looked very Dracula, and then...

...I bit.

Gasping, I let her blood flow in to my throat. It was the most fragrant blood I had ever tasted. Beautiful. I lost myself in her blood. And slowly, my power began to control itself. I was now strong enough to control all the power I had stored, instead of just hiding it. Time for Anju to drink my blood.

I ran my nail along my wrist, slitting it and then bringing it to her lips. She looked so serene as she lay there, and then her eyes flew open and she began to drink.

The End

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