I left Fialka saying I wanted to go explore. I heard people in the kitchen so I skipped into Kitchen and looked around there was Zander, Evelyn and Lireal,  everything went silent when they saw me I looked at the floor,walked slowly to the cupboard and grabbed a bottle of blood and sat on the side facing them.

"Zander Im sorry for causing you so much confusion I didnt mean to, the thing is Zander you remind me of my brother and I liked that it made me feel safe and at home again. He died when I was ten along with my parents but Id rather not talk about it" I looked own at Boogie who spoke to me

"Oh Anju really get a grip of your-self stop saying sorry to people its not mature young ladys do and to Him he's s-" PI put my hand across his mouth, I could feel eyes on me.

I looked up and Evelyn "I am truly sorry I ddnt mean to over react I just I dont want to be alone again, I think my Uncle loves you" I giggled at the end of that I could feel all the tension had gone between us, so I smiled sweetly at all of them.

"I almost have my power under control now I can mover things around look" I said proudly I closed my eyes and sent my mind out trying to find someone I hand t seen in a long time and I found him I thought "come to me please" and he did he came shooting the trees I walked over to the door and he stepped in calmly standing at my side.

He was a fully grown wolf he had ruff silver, grey hair and peacing blue eyes and was almot as big as me. I stroked him and everbody just was frozen "this is Zero and he helped protected me when the hunters were after me as you can see hes a wolf" I said like it was a matter of fact.

I was so intresten in Zero now I forgot about the rest and got him a bowl and it with water "Drink up now youve come along way, you alway help me I sat facing him as he licked his wated and I drank my blood I ws soo pleased my Zero was with me.

The End

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