My lips brushed Zander's and  he stirred, kissing me back. My breath caught and the moment stretched. The the realisation struck and I jumped back.

" You're back! I was so worried!" I cried happily, throwing my arms over him. He cuddled me back and I felt a surge of warmth go through me.

" Yep , I'm back and there is no strings attatched this time." He replied happily.  We sat for a few moments, just staring into each others eyes. Then Zander leaned down to kiss me again, knocking any thoughts out of my head. When we pulled away, my brain finally woke up, as Zander's seemed to as well. 

" Wasn't Eveln supposed to come through the portal with you?"  I asked cautiously, unsure of what had happened.

" Yeah , but she disappeared moments before I went through." he replied, looking concerned. The thought crossed my mind that the Reaper may have had something to do with that, but I didn't know how much Zander knew of that, so said nothing.

"I hope she's okay," I murmered, leaning into Zander's chest.

A portal shimmered into view, causing us both to look up. Evelyn's form slowly materialised.

"Where were you?" Zander asks, beating me to it.

"Reaper trouble. He pulled me back so I wouldn't get pulled over" she replied,  turning to watch the portal close, her arms folded.

"What he held you back while Zander risked not coming back?" I snapped, furious that the Reaper would cheat again. She lowered her head and I felt guilty.

"I did get him to help. But thats how it always happens" she muttered back. I couldn't tell if she was angry or not.

"What do you mean help?" Zander asked.

"I got him to make the portal larger.... giving you a bigger chance to get back" she muttered again.

"What did you have to do for it?" Zander asked again.

"Nothing...... Like I told Lireal. To gain my immortality I gave one thing.... My emotions to only ever love him. He wanted that for a reason, so his could be returned" she replied flatly and began to walk away.

"Thank you" I said, causing her to look back at me. "For your help, seriously, thank you"

"You two are welcome" she replied smiling. "I'm getting something to eat... I'll make you two something come through when your ready"

I smiled back at her as she left, then turned back to Zander. His face was a hairs breadth away from mine and my breath caught. I hugged him close, our cheeks resting together. I closed my eyes.

"I really thought you weren't coming back." I murmured.

Zander was silent for a while. "I nearly didn't." He confessed quietly. "But that song.. I heard you singing."

A slow smile spread across my face and I leaned back to look him in the eyes. "Don't scare me like that again." I said only half-joking.

Zander smiled breifly then leaned in to kiss me again. I returned his kiss, finally feeling like I belonged somewhere.   

The End

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