Evelyn: Back

"You can go then" Re says brushing my cheek. Then he kisses me. "Unless you want to stay"

"Hardly likely" I say pulling back. He shrugs thn click his fingers creating a portal. He gestures to it.

"Go ahead... Oh wait-" He kisses me once again. "It won't be the same out there later"

I pull away then turn and step through the portal. Zander and Lireal look up at me. "Where were you?" Zander asks.

"Reaper trouble. He pulled me back so I wouldn't get pulled over" I say folding my arms and looking back as the portal closes.

"What he held you back while Zander risked not coming back?" Lireal snaps. I lower my head.

"I did get him to help. But thats how it always happens" I mutter.

"What do you mean help?" Zander asks.

"I got him to make the portal larger.... giving you a bigger chance to get back" I mutter.

"What did you have to do for it?" Zander asks.

"Nothing...... Like I told Lireal. To gain my immortality I gave one thing.... My emotions to only ever love him. He wanted that for a reason, so his could be returned" I say then walk away.

"Thank you" I look back at Lireal. "For your help seriously thank you"

"You two are welcome" I say smiling. "I'm getting something to eat... I'll make you two something come through when your ready"

The End

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