My legs begin to walk on there own and I find myself seeing a portal, what was happening? Where Evelyn? My thoughts go blank as I pass through the veil of the portal and find myself laying on my back, I feel lips on my own, I open my eyes , and see Lirael. I feel a sensation of warmth. I kissback, for a moment time seemed to slow then, she jumped back and instantly hugged me.

" Your back! I was so worried!" Lirael says happily, I cuddle with her forgetting about my whole entire experience.

" Yep , I'm back and there is no strings attatched this time." I say happily.  We sit there for a few moments just staring into eachothers eyes, I lean up to kiss her, on the lips.  Once agian everything went blank and the only thing that mattered was Lirael, until we pulled away.  Then I began to think , and I remembered, and so did Lirael.

" Wasn't Eveln supposed to come through the portal with you?"  Lirael asks.

" Yeah , but she disappeared moments before I went through." I said not too sure wether to blame the Reaper or something else.

The End

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