The Cavern Of Riches

Me was faling slowy to the bottom (if ther is bottom) of the pit on the harness when WHOOSH a big wind push me out! Me trid too sav meself by grabbing it with my feet as me fall, but NO DICE. So me falled and falled and grabbed me flashlight turned it on and smash me hit the ground. My fleshliht was shiny snhining on the ground, and it looked like yellow dragon scales. Me get up and me back hurtings, but still can walk to fleshligt, and pick it up and shiny on all the sides of me. The cave me was in is huge, and on the ground all yellow and the walls all whity clear shiny, and me was tring to figure what it was when a little man came and attacked me leg. He lookid crazy, and wus slobbery like dog, but he super skinny and week. Me picks him up and he says mineminemineminemine but I bring him too the hole and there's the sling! So Me comes up, and it's super long again.

The End

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