Zander lay there, looking as though he had just fallen asleep. Except if you were watching his face as I was. When people sleep, their eyes move behind the lids and they are never totally immobile. If it wasn't for the movement of his chest, Zander would not have moved at all. I kept up a steady stream of talk, wondering if he could hear me. On instinct I sang to him. One of the few memories I treasured of my mother was her telling me that my voice was a gift-few werecreatures could sing apparently.

"I never believed in much/But I believe in this...When the world comes crashing down/ And the sky begins to fall/I'll wait for you/When the days go on and on/..I'll wait for you.."

I sang to him. I gave up on talking, I just sang. Lullabies, ballads-anything that came to mind. Outside, things were going dark. Zander's skin was cool against mine. Finally, I couldn't think of anything else to say or sing. I was exhausted, searching Zander's face constantly for a sign that he was fighting, or that he was still there. He remained as still as always. I was sat on the floor by his head, my legs curled under me, Zander stretched out on the sofa.

"Please don't give up Zander." I whispered, on the verge of tears now our heads touching lightly on the arm of the sofa, "I don't know what would happen if you did.."

I kissed his lips, gently.

The End

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