The Reaper: Hold back

"This is so fun to watch" I say laughing. Watching the Lii'arc.

"I swear if you actually meant that as a joke we could possibly get along" Evelyn snaps at me. She's kneeling on a rock contained in a sphere. "Plus, one day I'm gonna die and you can't stop it. You can't always pull me away from the whispers"

"Ah, that's not true. If you died and came to Limbo I would have much more control over you then I do now besides... I choose where everyone goes in Limbo and I could ground you right here...... Its only cause you and Zander still have a slight bit of life that I can't do it right now even though I want to" I say winking at her.

She scoffs and looks away down at the Lii'arc.... Zander. "Although if you agreed to it you could become my partner. My dead lover" I whisper slipping through the shield to pass my hand over her cheek.

She elbows me.... hard and I step out of the shield shaking my head. "You are such a bother sometimes" I say sitting back down..... Well, more like floating an inch from the ground.

"He's still gonna find that portal without me.... I can tell" Evelyn says turning to look at him.

"Hmm, maybe. But watching those people who try and get back is so damn fun" I say. Evelyn turns and glares at me. "What? I'm death. You can't change my nature.... well you could and have slightly, first person I have ever seriously fallen in love with and thats saying something considering I date back to when I had to lead Dinosaurs to the other side with meat"

Evelyn shakes her head then looks back down at Zander. "Can't you give him some help at least then..." She looks at me her eyes soft it makes me catch my breath (Even though I don't need to breath I still do). "If you seriously care..... then why would you cause me pain"

I think about it then sigh clicking my fingers so the portal larger. "That helpful" I say.

I think I see the love I haven't seen in years flash through her eyes but its gone in a second. "Thank you" She whispers. Then she looks down at Zander whose slowly turning towards the portal.

The End

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