" So don't listen to the whispers, and try to listen for Lirael's voice." I say

" Yeah but it is not as easy as that." Evelyn says

"alright , we can't sit around here all day, can we?"  I say as we get closer to the shore I begin to here the whispers , all saying my name at some points just light grip to drag me onto the boat I resisted, and desperatly tried to here Lirael's voice in the sea of them. Every few moments I swear I could here Liraels voice with simple phrase like "I love you."

" I see why so many have failed before me." I mutter.

" That doesn't mean its impossible." Evelyn says.

" No. Just very dismaying. But I swear I will be the first one to leave this place to the land of the living!" I said mostly to encourage myself.

The closer we got to the harbour the more whispers there was trying to pull me onto to a boat of no return. I had the strength to resist not going there but was afriad if I didn't get out soon I may not have the strength to stay here.  Then I hear a voice singing a song, a song of love, I never heard the song before, but I followed it anyways. When the song ended I heard Lirael say something it was baffeled but I was sure she said I love you. 

" I think the portals here." I say turning to look around but Evelyn wasn't there,"Evelyn?"

The End

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