"Can you hear me?" I said softly. "Zander? Its me, Lirael."

My hands were shaking so badly. I was terrified, desperate to know what was going on. I had seen the Reaper and Evelyn disappear after Zander. I hoped she could protect him.

Alanna was there and it was unsettling me, her gaze was peircing.

"Alanna...I don't mean to be rude-but could you go please? This is hard enough.."

She nodded "I understand, I'll be close by if you want me."

I smiled back at her gratfully. After she left the room, I bent close to Zander's ear and whispered.

"I love you Zander. Come back. Please. I.. I need you here. I've never needed anyone before. But I need you now. Don't leave me here alone. Don't you dare give up Zander. You are stong enough. I know you can get here. Just don't give up." I had his hand tightly in mine. And without realising, I began singing a gentle song, one known only to the werewolves. It spoke of love.. I sang softly to him, hoping that wherever he was, he could hear.

"I love you Zander.."

The End

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