Alanna: You can do it

As soon as Zander walked through the portal his body went limp and collapsed.  Lirael managed to catch him before he hit the floor.  She staggered under his weight and I ran to help her before they both fell.

'Steady.  Get him back on the sofa.'  I lifted him back to where he had only just been lying.  He looked dead.  'What do we do now?'  Lirael shook her head nervously.

'I'm not sure, I think Evelyn said something about talking to him.'

'Then talk to him.'  I tried to sound encouraging but patience had never been my strong point.

'What do I say?'

'Anything.'  I smiled.  'Just let him know you're there.'  I felt like I was talking to the relative of a coma patient.  People thought that if you talked to patients who were in a deep coma then they could still hear you and it would bring them closer to life.  Personally I didn't see where they had got this idea from, it was probably just a way of reassuring relatives that the patient wasn't dead yet.

'Zander?'  Lirael held his hand, her fingers trembling.  'Can you hear me?'

The End

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