Evelyn: Get off

"Uh" I say stepping away and feeling sick. I look around. I can't see Zander. "Don't worry he's close by.... and watching" Re says.

At that moment he pushes me up against a wall kissing me. At first I am shocked and almost settle into the kiss but then I get my barings and push him back.

"Stop" I snap but he's still got me pinned up to the wall. "I need to find Zander"

"If you don't find Zander then how will he find the portal for Lireal to call him out.... if she can get him out. Besides" he says passing his lips along my neck. "My powers are strongest here and you've never come willingly to my home"

I kick up and Re lets go with a grunts but I do have to duck down and out. I focus on Zander and find him. "You were watching" I mutter blushing.

"Yeah, So wheres this portal?" He says looking embarassed. He scratches his head nervously.

"Follow me and.... don't use your powers you'll kill yourself I can only barely use them" I say then lead him down a path. heading toward the sea bank.

"Where's the portal though?" he asks.

"Close to the sea.... which is dangerous cause thats were the whispers are the strongest" I mutter.

"The whispers?" Zander asks worried.

"Whispers to pull you on to the boat to the other side...." I mutter. "But Lireal's voice if strong enough should out voice it"

The End

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