Zander: feeling different

On the other side of the portal things felt different, and looked different I felt lighter, and weak. Everything I saw was distorted in someway, I could hear the pain of other souls yelling mourfully. It was like a middle ages like city with stone walls to my right I could see a massive harbour along the ocean.  It was easy to forget that I needed to concentrate and listen for Lirael's voice.  I wasn't to sure what to do, I begin to wander. I feel a chill behind me.

I hide behind a corner it was the Reaper, at first I felt anger and I wanted to to attack except I noticed when I tried to slip into the wall I couldn't my powers where useless.  I felt scared, what was he doing here? Is he trying to kill me? I see Evelyn with him, oh no.

How am I supposed to get back if the Reapers rate there?  I felt lost I wasn't to sure what I was supposed to do. I bet the Reaper could sense where I was, so I took better precautions to avoid him. I laid onto of a high building wathing the reaper and Evelyn on street level. What am I supposed to do?

The End

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