The Reaper

I stepped back into the shadows so no one could see me. Hmmm, what to do now?

Little Anju. She's such a special prize and it seems I'm not the only one who notices it. I watch Fialka hug Anju close. I shake my head smiling.

I've watched Anju since birth on a deal I made with her mother. I spent so much time around Anju I may have as well been her real Uncle and not just seen as it. Although the deal I made with Anju's mother is the reason I had to give Anju Boggie and the reason she's now only getting grips back on happiness.

I find myself sitting in the air like I'm on a deck chair. Head rested back on my arms folded and looking down at the scene. Then Evelyn walks in and looks straight up at me.

Anju seems unhappy at her approaching Fialka but I have to laugh. "He's still around but he's not focusing on you.... thank you for the portal though" She looks back at me and gives a smug smile.

Oh, crud. I jump down but Evelyn already gone to back into the room. I follow just to watch her shove Zander through the thin portal. He stumbles out the back where he goes limp and Lireal, waiting, catches his body and slowly sits down.

I let the shadows fall around me. "Well this is complicated.... and time wasting" I say leaning back against the wall.

"Its not..... if you made fair deals non of this would be needed" Evelyn says glaring at me.

"Hmm" I say standing up and walking to her. I stroke her cheek with my finger and while its not obvious Evelyn shivers. "Time to catch up with him then" I say smiling and I pull the portal down over us.

The End

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