"soon because uncle wont be pleased will he boogie" I said looking at Boogie saying it half-to my-self. "not that I like him any more he joined thet humans didnt he boogie? and now becouse of that mother is dead HIS sister but did her turn up to help, only afterwards no I doint want to talk to him ever" I looked up at Fialka was she whispering to her-self? stange...

"But he did get me Boogie and Boogie helps me a lot and he did used to make me laugh, maybe if I spoke to him he might listen"

Boogie cut me off "Oh death just show your self I doint keeping thins from My Lady and you give me the creeps!" I looked and saw him apear slowy next to me half me wanted to kill me other half wanted to hug him so of course I did both.

I ran up to him screaming "Uncle Uncle" who picked me up in his arms and cuddled me.

"hows my little nightmare doing?" I lightly punched him in the arm and pouted

"Uncle you have not been nice lately have you? now I forgive for what happned with mother but like I said to evelyn before Fialk is mine and mine alone PLEAASE can I have her please?" I started crying and he held me closer to him.

"Alright Anju this once you can have your own way but when she dies Anju she dies ok? Im not putting her in a doll like Boogie ok?" I squealled with delight and gracefully jumped down and went to her side and hugged her tight.

"Uncles nice really he just puts a mean act on becouse of his job isnt that right uncle?"

He looked down at me and smirked "if you insist now I have to go I have fans witing for me" he grinned and faded away

The End

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