Fialk and I got shoved into a small room and fialk locked us in I was really confused why was death after her? what did he want with her? I wanted asked but some swung the door open before I could ask her

 It was Evelyn "Stand" she said  sternly.

"What? You cant tell me to do any-" she flick her hand up and Fialka was pulled to her feet, and I shoot up besides her worried about going on. Avelyn taook her face in my her hands pressing both of her first to fingers of each hand to each side of her temple.

"Your dying" she said stepping back. "Well, you're meant to be dead but you keep side stepping the portals....... We could use her to get a portal for Zander and stop them following her in the process"

she turnedlooking at me, Alanna and Lireal. "But its your choice" she said looking at Fialka. "Cause it could have a small chance of taking you"

This was it to put my training in action I took a deep breath and chanelled some not all of my energy and thought about what I wanted to do. I threw Evelyn across the room and she hit the was with a thud creating a spider web of crack everbody looked at her in shock. I walked over to her and lifter my self into air was I was head hieght her and slapped her across the face.

"You will not take MY Fialka away from me" I hissed at her "she is the first in many years who cares for me and I will not let her die not to him, not to my uncle" everbody gasped and I let go over my powers slowly when I landed to the floor and evelyn did I ran from the room.

I wanted to with Qurevok he undertood me and loved me I needed him right now but when I looked down the stair I saw him jump down a hole. "Qurevok No wait please I need you" but he it was too late he was gone.

"I was on the stairs and leaned against the wall cuddling Boogie "Boogie why is my life so screwed up?" I paused "On seands thought I really dont want to know"

The End

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