Qurevok: Into the Pit

Me woked up, and smaced my hed on the bedpost ovr mi. Celttam started owt of his sleepy chair and said kind of drowsy that hes glad Me was awak. He tolded me that all the house was back in shape and that Trooper 3 wishes to spek too me. So, Celttam leftand brot Trooper 3 in.

"Sir, I'd like to give you an update on our current situation- Madame Wasiga and Batch C have suceeded in installing a rudamentary radar system by the forge, which will be monitered from now on around the clock for any signs of EVIL troops. This way, we will not be responding to them, but they responding to us. Also, Batch C has completed a cleaning of the entire house. They have taken special care to prepare the War Room, which your friend Celttam was so kind as to direct us to. Now it's a proper planning area. Also, your armour is ready to inspect. Lutenant Vistroy, please bring it in!"

A short, burly man with a large handlebar mustache and a French beret sitting crookedly on his head came in, and silently presented the large blue plates one by one. Not only had they been perfectly repaired, but a small foam layer had been added on the insides. Intricate carvings of ancient power symbols twist like a golden smoke around the breastplate, arm gaurds, and helmet. Of course, the helmet had been modernized with and command module on the inside, with nightvision, extra thickness, and an onboard computer. Qurevok said nothing, just sat up a bit straighter, like this new armour  would be dissapointed in him if he were not regal enough for it.

"Isn't it  magnificent? Vistroy, you may go. Yes, Batch B has done a very good job with all the armour, and also located a certian plan for ladie's armour- I understand completely if you want us to leave it to you, sir..."

"No, sokay. You guys can work on it, just let me put it tokethr, OK?"

"Yessir. From Batch A, I hear that 4 medical assistants are dead, all with no apperant cause of death- just little green shards that were in all of them. The Doctor supposes that you must be right about this Green Arrow Man, as he has never seen anything like this. Besides them, only the female werewolf has been killed. My troops have found quarters in the basement, and are now either gaurding the house or working with Batch C to patch the stairs up to get acess to the upper floor. Speaking of which, Sir, it seems as though none of your fellows have surived the battle unscathed, which leaves only you to explore the pit. Will you do so?"

Sure thing, Me says. So we go over ta the hole, and puts up my arms for the big sling Batch C made. Trooper 3 hands me my trustid axe, and wispers:

"Just in case, Sir."

The End

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