Evelyn: Point and Lock

"We need to find a access point" I explain. "We find a point then lock it cause portals to Limbo continuelly move if not locked which I can do cause all it is is pausing time round the portal"

They are both as close as possible to each other without touching. "You can hug you know.... just no kissing and.... stuff" I mutter.

As soon as I say that Lireal slides her hand into Zander's. It seems to make him happy because he grips her hand tighter.

"Okay, so we find this point then what?" Lireal says.

"Shove Zander through" I say.  "Into Limbo.... his body will stumble through the sheet. His body will come out the back and go slack. His soul will go into Limbo..... I'll follow him through but with my body as well. You Lireal will remain on this side and call. If I come back without Zander..... then you know we have failed"

"That's it.... it seems so simple" Lireal whispers.

"Yeah, for you. Me and Zander will be in Limbo and not alone. There are millions of souls in there readying to pass to the right side. Good and Bad"

The door creaks behind and Alanna steps in. "Evelyn, Lireal, I have to talk to you. Its about Fialka"

I stand up quickly reading her mind and race out of the room. I find Fialka and Anju right away.

"Stand" I say sternly.

"What? You cant tell me to do any-" I flick my hand up and Fialka's pulled to her feet. I take her face in my hand pressing both of my first to fingers of each hand to each side of her temple.

"Your dying" I say stepping back. "Well, you're meant to be dead but you keep side stepping the portals....... We could use her to get a portal for Zander and stop them following her in the process"

I turn and look at Anju, Alanna and Lireal. "But its your choice" I say looking at Fialka. "Cause it could have a small chance of taking you"

The End

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