I blanked out. And the next thing I knew, Anju was shaking me and Zander was better. What the hell just happened?

"Fialka! Fialka! What is the matter?"

I waved my hand, concentrating. Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath in. And that's when I smelt it. Or more importantly, him. Death. He'd been here. And it was always this way. He had to always turn up. At some  point anyway. But I had beaten him, and he was still annoyed at me.

I opened my eyes. Anju stared up at me, her eyes wide. Alanna was staring at me suspiciously. I grabbed Anju and ran. I reached the room at the top of the house and shoved her in.

"Remember what you asked me? Yes? Well here's your answer. I was reborn by the first vampire ever to exist. And ever since then I've been followed by death. And now he's here. He's after Zander, but if he finds out I'm here..."

The End

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